Monthly Archives: January 2012

We completed another 30miles training this week and finally made use of the spray decks that we bought all the way back in September. It’s a miracle that we haven’t had to use them until now! I think last week’s … Continue reading

We spent this evening doing some more preparation work for our trip and we have now added our branding stickers. There is a lot more space for key sponsors, so please get in contact if you want your company logo … Continue reading

Unfortunately we did not get time to do a reconnaissance trip on our recent trip to Gambia but thankfully our support team took some time out from their busy schedules to gather some important information. The main objective was to … Continue reading

We are back and straight into training again, not letting the climate change from our short trip to Gambia dishearten us! Or so we thought… We managed our usual 10miles on Thursday after work, and 20miles on Saturday afternoon… however, … Continue reading

We had heard from a few people that the owner of Lamin Lodge, a gentlemen called Peter had a lot of experience of the The River Gambia, especially further up country so we decided to pop a long for a … Continue reading

Thanks to Hassan Kassem for allowing us to use his awesome boat as our primary support boat! We are extremely grateful! This boat will be in front of us at all times, responsible for navigating our route and most importantly … Continue reading