Monthly Archives: February 2012

Today Grant and I drove all the way down to Crawley (near Gatwick Airport) to drop off our beloved kayak so that it can make the long journey to Gambia in a container, thanks to Redcoat Gambia! It took quite … Continue reading

Thanks so much to who kindly donated £150 worth of mosquito nets / repellent and sun cream!

Today Amin joined us on the canal to get some good shots of us in action for a trailer he is making for us. Unfortunately, as has been the case too often over the past couple of weeks, the weather … Continue reading

Just got back from a 10mile, two and a bit hours, training session in full-on snow. The canal was still a bit icy, but not enough to prevent us from training. The snow was pretty intense though and didn’t make … Continue reading

After Thursday’s failed attempt to kayak due to all the ice, I thought it would be a good idea to do some reconnaissance before gearing up for our usual 20mile weekend session. On Saturday night I made my way to … Continue reading

Tonight we set off for our usual kayaking although the weather was sub-zero, little did we expect to come across so many sections of the canal that were blocked off because they were frozen over. After battling for almost an … Continue reading