“Amusing Canal Chat” by Kamil

The standard weekly training continues despite the sub 10degree temperature. On Sat we did just under 20miles and tonight we completed 10miles. We both definitely felt that tonight’s 10mile paddle was easier than usual and we managed our best time of just under 2hrs4mins. To end the night with a smile, we were graced by the presence of a local lad who, whilst walking by, saw our huge yellow kayak on the side of the canal and decided to enquire…


Random: So… what’s that?
Grant: A kayak.
Random: (looking confused) What do you do with it?
Grant: Paddle.
Random: Oh. (then walked away)


Camden + Night Time + Canal = A lot of weirdos!

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One Response to “Amusing Canal Chat” by Kamil

  1. Sam Roberts says:

    You should have said, ‘put it on a plane, take it to the top of the river Gambia and paddle to the sea, of course!’. Good dedication with the falling temperatures, can’t wait to see this river myself after you’ve conquered it.

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