“Cold, Wet and Very Very Windy!” by Grant

To date the weather has been very kind but today we faced our first test of kayaking in fairly difficult conditions. Thankfully it did not rain but the wind was very strong, if we stopped paddling even for a moment we were blown backwards. The canal created what felt like a wind tunnel and we battled the wind for the first 10 miles, it felt like we were never going to get to the half way point.


10 mile pit stop

10 mile pit stop


We finally got to our 10 mile half-way pit stop and it was a welcome relief.


Body fuel!

Body fuel!


We always look forward to our lunch even though it is not always that exciting…!


We were hoping with such a strong headwind on the way out we would benefit from the wind behind us on the way back but unfortunately the wind gods were not on our side, the wind was gusting from all different angles but thankfully it was not a persistent head wind!

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One Response to “Cold, Wet and Very Very Windy!” by Grant

  1. Sam Roberts says:

    Wow, that sounds tough, have you checked the seasonal winds (if any) in Gambia?
    PS. Jealous of your ‘not that exciting’ pesto pasta!

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