“We have our support boat and team!!” – by Grant

Thanks to Hassan Kassem for allowing us to use his awesome boat as our primary support boat! We are extremely grateful! This boat will be in front of us at all times, responsible for navigating our route and most importantly hippo spotting from the great look out point! It has 2 beds, a toilet and kitchen so it is perfect. We have also enlisted help from Tony and Mark, they both have smaller boats and these will be used for shallow water and ferrying people and supplies.


Kamil with our support boat

Kamil with our support boat

We have enlisted some trusty friends who have excellent combined river, bush and boat experience. Hassan (owner of the boat), Nassif, Jamil, Ghazi, Mark and Tony make up our logistics support team. We will be in safe hands! Gentlemen, thank you for your commitment.

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One Response to “We have our support boat and team!!” – by Grant

  1. Sam Roberts says:

    Wow, really looks like it’s all coming together. Keep up the good work and see you for a celebratory riverside beer (or two) in April.

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