Day 2 – Hot weather and sight of a small croc…

Day 2: Woke up to the sound of birds at 6am but we had to wait until 10:10 for the tide. We did 2 stints, we did the first 2 hours and had a 40 minute break and then completed a further 3.5 hours completing 44km’s. Due to the tide we had to kayak through the hottest part of the day. During the first stint the support crew spotted a small crocodile but unfortunately Kamil and I did not see it. We were quite disappointed as we have been waiting to see one.


We have stopped about 1 hour from Basse where we are going to stop for more supplies and re-fuel. Helle (Kamil’s mum) has brought some much needed food supplies and more water.


The heat and lack of tide has taken its toll today. We are starting to feel the pain in our neck, shoulders and lower back. A lot of lactic acid builds up in the lower back causing a pretty sharp and continuous pain. We are really hoping the tide gets stronger the further down we get as there is very little assistance when we are going with the tide but we can feel it a lot when we are against it.


Tomorrow we will pass Basse and start to get into hippo territory so we will need to be on our guard. The tide is going to work in our favour tomorrow and allow us to start at 6:30am which is first light. Hopefully we can make good progress in the cooler weather. Saying that it was well over 30 degrees by 8am this morning.  Tomorrow is another day, more pain to come. I hope our muscles don’t ache too much.



Location Day 2 1 hour from Basse

Above is our current location – Total Distance covered to date 76km

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