Day 3: Crocs, hippos and Tiger Fish By Grant

We hit the water at 9am and completed 45km in just under 6 hours. First stop was Basse to get fuel and supplies. Due to the tide we are still kayaking through the hottest part of the day but it has to done, we are not finding it too bad.

Day 3

(Left) Grant and Kamil with support boat (Right) Stop over for supplier

The monotony of rowing was broken up today by some interesting wildlife. We passed 4 crocs on the bank but they quickly Slipped into the water, thankfully we were not that close to the bank. We also passed our first hippo pod, 5 massive hippos! Their heads are far bigger than the biggest part of our kayak. It was nice to finally see them and also amazing being at the same level on the water as them, eye to eye! We also passed a few cows stuck in the mud on the bank, crocodile food! Mark caught a good sized tiger fish which all the boys have been trying to catch for the last few days. It was over a foot long and has awesome sharp teeth, similar to a piranha.

Tiger Fish Caught today!

Tiger Fish Caught today on board the support boat

We felt pretty good today, still finding it hard but we could have done on after the final stint. We are considering doing a few more hours this evening at about 12 when the tide turns again. Passing hippos in the dark might be interesting! Overall our bodies are aching but it is still manageable!

Location Day 3
Location Day 3

Above is our current location – Total Distance covered to date 121km

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