“Practice Makes Perfect (Apparently)” by Kamil

So it has been a couple of weeks since our first outing on the water, and we are definitely starting to feel more confident. Jack, from Pirate Castle, mentioned tonight that there were other Kayak clubs in NE London / Essex that might have tandem kayaks that we could try out – it is definitely something we need to look into as I believe tandem will be a lot more efficient for such a long journey!

Speaking of the length… we have used www.MapMyRun.com to gauge the length of the River Gambia (approx 320miles). Guestimating a 5mph average speed (a bit optimistic), this should take 64hrs. We hope to be able to do approximately 6hrs kayaking per day, so this would mean the journey would take just under 11 days. Of course, these calculations have been made very roughly, and we have not taken into account the effect that the tide will have on us, nor the fatigue after a number of days. Only after more extensive practice will we be able to set a realistic goal, but I do not think we are too far off.

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